Our purpose as a Company is to create long-term value by building bridges between the Financial and Agricultural dimensions.


We seek to make things happen from a human approach.

Our corporate Values are:




               Fiduciary Spirit



Luis Casanova - Partner

c/ MBA (DiTella)

Agricultural Engineer (UBA)

E.P. Agribusiness Management (UdeSA)

E.P. Corporate Finance (CEMA)


Felipe Lanusse - Partner

Master in Finance (DiTella)

Business Administration Bachelor (UCA)

E.P. Agribusiness Management (UdeSA)

E.P. Sustainable Development (UCA)


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Mateo Gonzalez Montaner - Advisor       

MBA in Agribusiness (Austral)

Agribusiness Administration Bachelor (UADE)


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Ignacio Molinuevo - Advisor       

Master in Finance (DiTella)

Industrial Engineer (UCC)


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Felipe Ballester Molina - Analyst       

c/ Agricultural Engineer (UBA)


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Our transactional approach is focused on agribusiness, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, or strategic alliance initiatives for our clients. This service is enhanced by a Representative Agreement in South America with Verdant Partners LLC.


Verdant, headquartered in the United States, is a global leader in mergers and acquisitions in the middle-market within the agriculture industry. The Verdant team is made up of professionals located in offices in North America, South America, Europe and Australia.


With access to a global network of agricultural contacts, Verdant has managed transactions and alliances for more than USD 2.4 billion in the Ag sector.

Agrifex S.A.S. 

CUIT 30-71663716-2

Agente Productor matricula Nº 1167 AP - Comisión Nacional de Valores (CNV)

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